Next to my activities as a professional concert-singer, one of my greatest passions is teaching; passing on what I feel makes singing such a wonderful profession. I enjoy helping people to discover this for themselves – be it the experienced (amateur) chorister who is faced with technical problems, the beginner who would like to develop a good basic technique or the (starting) professional who desires to know more about historical performance practice.

Classical singing lessons

A good basis is a good beginning. That certainly applies to singing. In my lessons we work on an active, yet relaxed posture, a functional breathing technique and a healthy sound.
This is the basis for working on repertoire, tailored to the student, which can be anything, from difficult choir-passages to big arias. Of course, diction (pronunciation), understanding languages and various styles of music are also discussed.

Baroque singing

In recent years I have become more and more occupied with pre 1800 vocal styles. I have gained a lot of experience in historical performance practice and have also acquired theoretical knowledge by studying historical sources. The emphasis is on the period between Josquin and Beethoven, and I very much enjoy coaching professional singers in this repertoire.

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